Posted on: February 6, 2011 8:38 pm

Let's Go Steelers !!!!!

The Steelers are a 2nd. half team, therefore let's go Steelers!!!!!!

Don't call it a comeback !

Don't miss the 2nd half, the Steelers will recharge.....

Charles Woodson is out !

Posted on: January 17, 2011 11:46 am

Who do you think will go to the Superbowl ?

So who do you pick for going to the Superbowl ?

My pick will be: Chicago as my first team, and here is my reason, the Bears have the upper hand against Green bay, for a couple of reasons:

1st. They have already beaten the Packers this season at home.
2nd. Chicago is at home
3rd. The Bears won the division for a reason, and that is they own the Packers and that division this season.

But the game will come down to who commits the fews turnovers....Bears win in a close battle of the NFC North big boys.

My pick from the other side (AFC) is a hard pick, because everyone picked New England and the golden boy (T. Brady) to CRUSH the Jets at Home, (except me, I am originally from N.Y.C.)

And the Steelers....wow, what a hard nosed game with their rival Baltimore....But that was suppose to be a low scoring game and it wasn't.

My pick from the AFC to make it to the Big game is: The New York Jets ! in a battle, whoever wins in downs 1-3 will win this won.

Therefore my Superbowl teams are:   N.Y. Jets vs. Chicago Bears

With the winner being......Not sure yet (depends on how they play in the Championship games.) 


Posted on: December 27, 2010 2:00 pm

10 things the Cowboys must do before next season.

The Dallas Cowboys future looks pretty good actually. What the need to do is:

1st. Hire Coach Garret.
2nd. Get a bonafide Defensive Coach.
3rd. Release Marion Barber (Over paid and under producing)
4th. Release Roy E. Williams (Same as above message)
5th. Start to get a Good O-line.
6th. Look in the Draft for a Very Good Safety (Free or Strong)
7th. Get a Shut-down Cornerback.
8th. Possibly look to add a very Good back-up QB for Romo (Kitna is Good, but Old), Possibly McNabb ?
9th. A Excellent Middle linebacker is always good for a Good Defense (Chi/Bal etc.)
10th. Trade Terrance Newman for a High Draft Pick 

Posted on: January 9, 2010 9:54 pm

How bout them Cowboys !!!

Why will the Dallas Cowboys win against the Philidelphia Eagles...

Reason 1: The Cowboys beat them in Philly earlier in the season.

Reason 2: The Cowboys beat the Eagles in Big D late in the season.. (shutout)

Reason 3: The Cowboys got the Eagles number this Year !!!!........

Go Dallas Cowboys... America's Team....

New year 2010....new decade.....

How bout' them Cowboys.....

Posted on: January 7, 2010 11:18 pm
Posted on: January 4, 2010 4:06 pm

Biggest playoff game this week is..........

The bigest playoff game this coming weekend is the Philadelpia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys....One reason is many people want to see the re-rematch of the whipping that the Eagles got sunday at Dallas.....24-0.....As we already know Dallas has now beaten the Eagles twice in the regular season this yr. First at Philly now at Big D...and now that Dallas has beaten the Top team in the NFC (N.O. Saints) in the Dome of the rock of N.O.  and also beat Philly in one of Dallas' biggest games this yr.... now again they have to once again prove that they can beat a team in the playoffs...can they do it ????

With the role that Dallas is on they will beat Philly.....however with what is on the line.....and this is a new Cowboy team then that of last yr...they will beat Philly, but it will be a little closer this time around.....

But make no mistake the Cowboys are the hottest team this ending of the regular season.....and into the belly of the playoffs......watch out for Dallas and the no. 1 and hottest WR in the NFC.........Miles Austin...(Pro Bowler). 

Posted on: January 2, 2010 2:44 pm

Sitting the starters.......

I think it's a very good thing to rest your starters, for the last game before they face their opponents in the play-offs...  Especially if they aren't playing good.. someone said that they need to get the rust off of them, meaning the N.O. Saints...since they haven't been playing well as of late... But I disagree..

Because when Wade Phillips, coach of the Dallas Cowboys, rested his players times when they weren't playing very well, guess what happened when their next game came about ??? They came out blasting !....Sometimes when you rest your players, you give them not only bodily rest, for the physical but mentally, and they start to reflect on what went wrong, and gives them the chance to make the adjustments......

Remember last season when Vince Young sat basicly all season ????? When he finally came back to play this year, he came out much improved from last year, he watched and learned.....

So maybe the teams that are resting their starters can reflect on the good and the bad things from the upcoming games....and the season it might really help them...........

Just a thought, just a thought........ What do you think ??

Posted on: December 20, 2009 3:26 pm

Are the Cowboys over the December slump ??

What about last night's game... the N.O. Saints tried to come back from a defeated effort... The Saints had a good try near the end...and the Cowboys kicker, Nick Folk almost gave them the game at the end... And no thanks to Roy Williams who dropped a 3rd. down pass..... But thanks. to Miles Austin, who is the real MVP of the game....

At end of this season, rid your self of your lose, meaning the load of Roy Williams and pay Miles Austin Williams type money, and also get a pick of an OT (left tackle) also....maybe someone who actually can protect Tony Romo on his blind side.....But yes Nick Folk should be fired last night after the game....without a doubt !!......get a free agent kicker....forget about age...find someone who is very accurant.... For next year, don't even wait for their contract to renew:

First give Miles Austin a very good contract.....don't wait till other teams show interest in Free Agency...

Second, Tashard Choice sign him also right away, because he will start somewhere else.....

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